18 May 2006

Busy Backson

What with editing a newsletter for People in Harmony, responding to a sudden rush of poetry for my other site, and starting to get involved with a list called 'Friends of Wisdom' ( yeah I'm so pretentious I think they must mean me!), along with the usual emergencies of everyday life, I haven't been keeping up with this blog - life is just too interesting to write about at the moment. It's on my mind to say something about why we want to find that unselfish, person - as per Ebert's comment. There's something to do with avoiding change, waiting for the other to be that first, waiting for an authority to show us the way... I'll have to get backson to it when things are quieter. I should put links to the things I've just mentioned, but my brain has gone on strike. I'm putting it off 'til I meet an unselfish man (or preferably, woman), or hell freezes over, or I feel more energetic. Bit of a pointless post really - just to say I've done one.

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