1 Apr 2006

A Carnival Ride

I've just done a tour of the latest Philosophy Carnival and had a shy at a few coconuts of various quality and stickiness. What a big tent philosophy is! I suspect I have made some naive and hasty comments here and there, but what the heck, you can ignore or delete them can't you. Anyway I will be looking around some more, and cribbing what I can for my own work. The one area where I simply cannot find any patience to hear the arguments is the abortion debate. If I was prepared to sell my house and devote my life to bringing up some of these unwanted babies, then I might feel entitled to hold an opinion on the matter, as it is I can't help feeling that probably no one actually likes abortions, and if we can't arrange things so that every woman can feel sufficiently supported to give birth, it's as much our fault as hers, and laying down the law about it isn't what's required. People are very selfish and there's not enough love - there ought to be a law against it.
Later... I've been grovelling in the html and actualy managed to put the beginnings of an essay list and some links in the sidebar, so I'm feeling like a pretty smug dinosaur. Have a look at 'Black people love us' - you won't know where to put yourself... some of the comments they get are pretty amazing too.

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