10 Apr 2006


Women just carry on because the have to, and because they have more stamina; I have managed to go to work and do more or less nothing (bar complain) and that's it. No chance of blogging or anything intelligent. It's quite interesting in a pathetic sort of way how totally dependent any sort of creativity or clarity is - in my life at least - on feeling fairly comfortable. Anyway, I did manage to update my website with a couple of poems from Christopher Barnes, who claims to be gay apparantly, and I added a link to this blog. And now, let me take this opportunity to introduce to you the long suffering, and long sufferable Mrs Unenlightened, whose interests are quite similar to mine. And what is more, she notonly looks after us all, but also makes stuff!

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Anonymous said...

oh dear me, you haven't met me yet. I am living proof that women can be just as weak as men. carrying on isn't always strong, some women have the touh of the martyr about them as in "well I realised last night at midnight that I had to clean the kitchen floor..."