27 Mar 2006

A Body of Thought

Why am I selfish; why do I define and limit a self the way I do? There are the limits to the senses - I feel pain when I stub my toe, but not when you stub yours though I guess from the way you curse, that the feeling is the same for you as it is for me. Nevertheless, I treat the two very differently in my mind. Yet I extend myself in time to feelings that I do not actually have with no difficulty. The memory of past hurts, the fear of future hurts, are also not directly felt pain, just memory and imagination. If you are not me because I can't feel it, why is tomorrow's bob so different? I seem to extend myself in time, backwards in memory and forwards in desire and fear while restricting myself in space to the confines of this body, sometimes of only the head. I hardly seem to live in the world at all as a concious presence, but all the time as memory and projected fear and desire - as a body of thought. That hardly seems intelligent.

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