24 Mar 2006

Hello Cruel World.

I just set this up yesterday, so this is my first 'live' post, can't see keeping this much enthusiasm for long...

It's my last day off, tonight I go back to work so I'm trawling around, looking at what else and who else is out there. It's all a bit random at the moment. People don't seem to leave a lot of comments, and I'm wondering if there are too many writers and not enough readers, sort of chiefs and indians thing. Anyway I've put my current philosophical obsessions up here in case there are any obsessive indians out there. Now I'm just wandering and reading and posting an occasional comment. The lucky people who recieve my gracious outpourings will all flock to this blog to be further inspired by my words of wisdom - that's the idea anyway. Or perhaps you are so lucky, you just came by accident; congratulations!

Here's a question for you, about identity: can you say something about yourself that doesn't at the same time join you to some group and separate you from another group? Example: I am ambidextrous. We ambis are different from all the lefties and righties. (This is politics, right?) (or is it biology?)

Go on, I dare you!


TrampledbyGeese said...

I am right hand dominate by training, but ambidextrous by birth. Did you know most people diagnosed with dyslexia are more likely to be naturally ambidextrous? but that is not important, never mind.

Thanks for coming to my blog. It takes a while for people to find new blogs, so don't give up hope. The best way to get more visits is to do what you are doing, leaving comments.

I have a response for your comment, but it is rather long-winded (rather like myself - silly philosophers). Anyway, I posted my reply on my blog if you are interested. You might have to refresh the page to see it.

Happy thinking.

BeginnersMind said...

I am new on the forum, and I am reading here. So there are indians!

unenlightened said...

Wow two comments in about ten years - thank you ladies and gentlemen.

tasneem said...

hi, unenlightened.

I was lucky enough to find your blog by sheer chance, and so far I have found it to be quite an enjoyable read.

In response to your query, I'll have to use something biological too- I have a liver :)