28 Mar 2006

A Clarification on inquisitiveness

I just thought I'd better mention that this blog is deliberately inquisitive. If you happen upon it, and find it to be so, please do not bother to mention it as I already know - it's meant to be inquisitive. Not all blogs are inquisitive, some are completely unquestioning, nevertheless many are inquisitive, and this is one of them. For example, Am I making myself understood? To anyone who thinks it might be worth posting a comment to the effect that they found this site to be inquisitive, please don't bother as I already know, and it should be obvious to anyone with any sense who spends a few moments looking at it. In fact, if you are the sort of person who thinks this a worthwhile comment to make about my site, then the chances are good that I will not be particularly interested in your site, even if you are a park ranger with a really big ecosphere.

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